Oneness Blessing Scam

Enligtenment is not something you can buy. 

There are Problems with the Oneness Movement..... 

Why I am doing this site?

I am doing this site to gather together the other side of the argument against the Oneness Movement and the give people an opportunity to know what they are getting into that falls beyond what is given at face value. This will include links to others stories, videos and links to the Oneness site. I hope to open peoples eyes to the cult activity that leads people to spending loads of money and continuously asks people to recruit for them with the promise of enlightenment. The group has expanded beyond Bhagwana and Amma to include their sons own multilevel awareness business. 

There are elements that suggest that they are dangerous.  I see this group as a cult and speak from first hand dealings with them to say that many of their activities are hidden and not out into the open. As part of the activities in this group is to bring more people in, I think one should do this with an open mind not be lead by the shinny golden orbs and the promise of instant enlightenment. Neither have much credibility. Plus, the original message of the world ending in 2012 has been slickly marketed away and the effeminate closing of the Oneness University in 2012 seems to be taking a back seat since money is flowing well and it looks like the world will not end after all... But I will try to address as much of this as I can. 

I also want to add that I have never gone to the Oneness University in India and spent thousands of dollars to attain enlightenment. I hope that  you don't either!


Oneness Blessing also known as:

Oneness Movement

Oneness Meditation

Oneness Prayer


Awakening to Oneness

Oneness Deeksha


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Kalki Bhagavan

Sri Bhagavan

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Padmavathi (her birth name)

Venkat Rao

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